50% of you reading this are looking for a new LMS

Recent research indicates that nearly 50% of organizations across more than two dozen industries will replace their current LMS in the next 12 months….

I don’t know what you think about that number but to us that sounds like a lot of churn in the industry and challenges us to ask the simple yet complex question of “Why”…

We have our theories but the fundamental reasons must come down to user experience and satisfaction levels as well as the relationship between the providing and consuming organizations.

Our client relationship are much different than those troubling situations.  Our clients are satisfied with our eLearning solutions and enterprise learning platform and we know this because 1) they tell us and 2) our renewal rates are nearly perfect!

So if you’re with one of those unsatisfied organizations currently looking or even if you are satisfied but your renewal comes up in the next 12 to 24 months then you’d make a great choice on behalf of your learners and the entire organization by evaluating our solutions and platform.

And if you’re motivated by evaluating new systems without the high pressure selling tactics then this might just be your lucky day!  All kidding aside, we realize that not everyone who interacts with us will buy our system, we get that. But for those who believe that we’re a fit for their organization they are confident and happy with their choice to partner with us.

So if you haven’t kicked the tires on your Learning Management System in a while, maybe now or sometime in the not too distant future is the right time to do so.  What have you got to lose?

Ranked #19 LMS overall and Top 3 for Associations out of 690 systems for 2016.