Hate your current Learning Management System?

LMS use across the board continues to rise, but user satisfaction falls…

LMS-use-chartIndustry researchers report the continued increase of LMS use across organizations however, overall satisfaction fell.  Among a variety of reasons, vendor support issues cause many of the satisfaction problems and a perceived lack of ability to support future needs is also another reason so many organizations plan to replace their current system.  About one third of organizations indicated they would not recommend their current system to a colleague.  Organizational leaders have taken notice that there are a number of alternatives to choose from but perceived switching costs tend to delay making a switch sooner rather than later, which in most cases can cost more in in the long run…

For the second consecutive year one of our platforms has been listed in the Top 50 LMS report for 2016 published by the industry’s #1 rated eLearning analyst Craig Weiss, CEO of eLearning 24/7

No stranger to being among “best in class” our team continues to disrupt the eLearning industry by simultaneously pursuing platform differentiation while providing platform options at a lower cost than all competitors.

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Migrating to a new LMS has never been easy or inexpensive…until now

Many organizations often find themselves at a crossroad where the consensus is they wish they could move to a new LMS but for reasons that are obvious but not always logical they don’t. A primary “fear” for not making a change is the thought of onerous migration and conversion headaches… In the the days of yesteryear that was valid criteria for eventually concluding to take a “let’s wait and see, maybe next year…” approach.

Well, next year is here again so what now?

If your organization could move to a next generation learning platform with zero disruptions, no switching costs, and everyone happier it would be a “no brainer” to do it and the leadership team would look brilliant! Well nobody is bold enough to make those promises however Adrenna minimizes the “pain” of migration by providing a well planned approach to implementation.

If you’re like most, seeing is believing so we’ll be ready when you are to share our passions and demonstrate our capabilities.

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