K12 School and District Pilot Program

Not just another LMS for K12

Named a Top LMS for 2016 Persona Learning provides a whole new platform with components designed specifically for K-12, and incredibly easy to use, our learning experience platform combines powerful features for enterprise content and learning management with critical capabilities for outbound mass communications to allow for some of the most powerful learning communities ever built.

From the classroom, to the school or district website, and beyond, building strong school, student, parent learning connections in support of 21st Century Learning capabilities. Our technology can integrate Common Core State Standards (CCSS) or other curriculum standards and guidelines.

Perfect for:

  • Teachers
  • Schools
  • Districts

As a full-service “learning communications platform” company Persona Learning provides a variety of tools and technologies for engaging for every teacher, student, and parent. Persona Learning facilitates effective school and class learning communications.

Whether it’s supporting classroom teaching through virtual or real time methodologies Persona Learning is quickly becoming a teacher’s new best friend… 

View a brief demo:

With Persona Learning, schools can directly impact teaching and learning efficiencies which can lead to improved student performance all while lowering costs!  A limited number of districts will be accepted in each state so complete the form below to learn more about the Free K12 LMS Pilot Program.